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NPR Pulls Brilliant Aprils Fools Prank That Works Like A Charm

It seems everyone was getting into the fun on this most recent April Fools Day, even National Public Radio. With many lamenting the lack of appreciation for literature found in today’s culture, they saw the perfect opportunity to play on this perception. By posting an article reading “Why doesn’t America ready anymore?” they aimed to see how many of their visitors would read and comment on the title alone without bothering to actually peruse the article they had clicked on. The instructions to those who actually read the link they clicked on are below. Some did begin to spoil the fun, but their point remains.

Source: gawker

The setup for NPR’s April Fools prank

npr april fools prank

The actual article, with prank instructions for those who bothered to read

npr april fools prank

People who clicked to read an article…and then commented without reading the article

npr april fools prank

Some did try to rationalize or spoil the fun

npr april fools prank

Feel free to share this whether you actually read it or not! 😉

April Fools’ Day is Fast Approaching: Here’s the Best Pranks to Get Your Friends and Family!

Historians differ on the exact origins of April Fools’ Day, but the practice is common worldwide — though the name and actual date it is celebrated do differ. Sweden appears to have two common days for prank playing. If done on April 1st, the fooler exclaims “april april din dumma sill, jag kan lura dig vart jag vill” meaning “April, April, you stupid herring, I can fool you to wherever I want”. A prank performed on May 1st however uses the rhyme “May May moon, I can fool you into Scania”.

So with the day of fooling fast approaching for many of us, here’s just a few ideas you might want to try out one your friends and loved ones. Just be sure to watch your own back!

Source: wikipediaapril fools mouse prankImage Credit: themetapicture.com

dollar bill april fools prankImage Credit: themetapicture.com

doorknob prankImage Credit: imgur

clean out glue bottle prankImage Credit: dumpaday

occupied stall prankImage Credit: themetapicture.com

fake toilet paper roll april fools prankImage Credit: thechive

upside down water glasses april foolsImage Credit: dumpaday

head in a jar prankImage Credit: dumpaday

airhorn chair gagImage Credit: 9gag

ideas for april fools dayImage Credit: nowaygirl.com