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Grayson Perry and FAT Architecture’s House for Essex captures the spirit of the county

Since The Only Way Is Essex first captivated and appalled audiences in 2010, there has been widespread fascination with the English county. Most recently, a collaboration between artist Grayson Perry and FAT Architecture has resulted in House for Essex – a monument to the area and the people that live there.

Drawing on Perry’s own distinctive artistic style along with English baroque architecture and Stave churches, the house is designed to reflect the life of Julie Cope – a fictional character described by Perry as an ‘Essex everywoman’. Upon entering the house, which is open for visits and holiday rentals, audiences are handed a poem detailing Julie’s life, and encounter tiled images and sculptures of Julie herself as they walk around – with nods to her life as a mother, obsessive shopper and, of course, Essex girl.

Incorporating Perry’s own artwork and some stunning architectural design from FAT, the house is a compelling narrative, a visual spectacle and an experience worth having. [h/t hurdesignmag.com] Grayson Perry and FAT Architecture’s House for Essex captures the spirit of the countyhouse-for-essex-by-grayson-perry-and-fat-architecture-31

 Grayson Perry and FAT Architecture’s House for Essex captures the spirit of the county house-for-essex-by-grayson-perry-and-fat-architecture-5 house-for-essex-by-grayson-perry-and-fat-architecture-6 house-for-essex-by-grayson-perry-and-fat-architecture-7 house-for-essex-by-grayson-perry-and-fat-architecture-8 house-for-essex-by-grayson-perry-and-fat-architecture-9 house-for-essex-by-grayson-perry-and-fat-architecture-10 house-for-essex-by-grayson-perry-and-fat-architecture-11 house-for-essex-by-grayson-perry-and-fat-architecture-12 house-for-essex-by-grayson-perry-and-fat-architecture-13  house-for-essex-by-grayson-perry-and-fat-architecture-15 house-for-essex-by-grayson-perry-and-fat-architecture-16 house-for-essex-by-grayson-perry-and-fat-architecture-19 house-for-essex-by-grayson-perry-and-fat-architecture-20  Grayson Perry and FAT Architecture’s House for Essex captures the spirit of the county  house-for-essex-by-grayson-perry-and-fat-architecture-2

Majestic Modern Chapel is Nestled in a Forest in the Ozark Mountains

Hidden in the remote Ozark Mountains in Arkansas, Thorncrown Chapel stands out at a towering 48 feet. This June will be the chapel’s 35th anniversary since it opened in 1980. For the occasion, they brought a photographer to take pictures throughout the seasons in 2014 and 2015.

The wooden structure contains 425 windows and over 6,000 square feet of glass. Beneath it lies over 100 tons of native stone and flagstone. The chapel was designed by E. Fay Jones, a protégé of Frank Lloyd Wright, with the intention of blending it perfectly into its environment. As he wanted to preserve the land, Jones only used materials that could be carried by two men through the forest. The trusses and other larger elements were assembled at the site. [h/t design-milk.com]

Thorncrown-Chapel-Fay-Jones-3-600x404 Thorncrown-Chapel-Fay-Jones-4-600x921 Thorncrown-Chapel-Fay-Jones-5-600x397 Thorncrown-Chapel-Fay-Jones-6-600x400 Thorncrown-Chapel-Fay-Jones-8-600x406 Thorncrown-Chapel-Fay-Jones-9-600x400 Thorncrown-Chapel-Fay-Jones-10-600x399 Thorncrown-Chapel-Fay-Jones-11-600x399

Side Boat Houses Could Be Popping Up All Over Sweden Soon

A new building code in Sweden allows for construction of an additional dwelling on residential properties of up to 270 sq ft without a building permit. But rather than taking the traditional approach, local architectural firm VisionDivison has conceived of making use of the country’s abundant sea vessels and turning them into side boat houses stored in small ponds, pools, or even large high-powered fountains through a project they’re calling Guest Harbor.

The firm imagines Swedish neighborhoods with boats becoming part of the design elements of a residence, with their masts rising up over the roof lines of neighborhoods everywhere. Most families currently store their sea vessels on stilts when not in use, adding nothing but an eyesore to their property. With Guest Harbor, families could store their boats in a natural way while adding an attractive and usable body of water when the boat was out to sea.

While it remains to be seen how many Swedish families will take the firm up on their idea and add a side boat house to their property, they’ll certainly at least plant ideas for nice fountains or small ponds in people’s heads. Find out more about the Guest Harbor project by visiting VisionDivison.

Source: VisionDivison via Design Boom

side boat house


side house boat

sweden boat house

boat fountain

boat pond

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