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13th Century Castle’s Floor Changes Color and Shape With Each Step

French artist Migeul Chevalier‘s latest installation transformed a 13th century Italian castle into a dazzling display of color and form.

Re-imagining the interior of the 8-sided Castel del Monte in Apulia, Italy, Chevalier again uses his interactive flooring we’ve featured previously. With each step, the dreamlike carpeting morphs and bends in a magnificently colorful display of beauty.

The forms created remind of the tapestries of Northern Europe and the Islamic world. Vibrant colors envelope the viewer inside of the castle which is oriented to magnify light on the solstices, with each keeping fertility and rebirth ever present in our minds. Watch below.

Migeul Chevalier

Italian castle

Castel del Monte

interactive flooring

color changing floor

Italian castle

Castel del Monte

interactive flooring

color changing floor

via Design Boom


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Perspective-Bending Geometric Installation by Thomas Canto

French visual artist Thomas Canto has just completed this installation for the OUTDOOR Urban Art Festival in Rome.

The geometric mindbender has no forced perspective, allowing the viewer to experience it in different ways from each angle. With direct light applied, the effect is amplified as the hues are bent and reflected in a gorgeous display.

As he says on his artist statement, Canto “transposes his personal vision of his environment on canvas; proposing an abstract and duplicate vision to the disorganized entanglement of the mixtures of his urban life.”

Take a look at his latest installation below, and to keep up with his ongoing projects visit his website or follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

Thomas Canto

Outdoor Festival art

geometric installation

via Street Art News

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Shoppers in Germany Treated to Surprise Colored Foam Explosion

German artist Stephanie Lüning‘s series Schauminsel examines the formation of sculpture in the most amazing way. Using a foam machine connected to water tanks containing different color pigments, she is able to create vibrant explosions of suds, turning the streets into constantly changing dreamlands.

The relative simplicity of Stephanie’s machine has allowed her to take her “foam islands” all around Germany, from markets to city squares and more. She even concealed one within a house and pointed it out of a window, making it appear from the street as if the house was undergoing some sort of rainbow explosion.

In the photos that follow, you’ll see some of our favorites from Stephanie’s colored foam sculpture series, including some surprised shoppers in the town of Niebüll and also lucky children at the aforementioned house. See more on Stephanie’s website.

Surprised Shoppers in Niebüll

colorful foam islandStephanie LüningSchauminselfoam machineNiebüll

Concealed in House, ‘Sweet Porridge’

German artistStephanie LüningSchauminselrainbow foamKlangkunsthöfefoam from house

Foam Island, 2012

colored foam sculptureStephanie LüningSchauminselfoam explosion

via Stephanie Lüning, Reckon


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