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Ambient Ads: 25 of the Best You’re Ever Going to See

Advertisers are increasingly looking for more and more ways to get their products in front of us. It seems these days they are stuck in every nook and cranny possible to make sure they get noticed. And with more traditional ad types such as commercials or magazine inserts becoming increasingly ignored, the creativity necessary to get our attention has grown. One innovation the marketing industry has become increasingly reliant on are ambient ads, which are meant to meld themselves with their surroundings. By becoming a part of our world, the hope is that they will not be so easily passed by without a second thought as we go about our daily lives. What follows are some of the more creative ads marketers have been able to come up with, let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments section at the end of the page.

#1 National Geographic: Crocodile Escalator

national geographic crocodile escalatorImage Credit: dailymail

#2 Natural Resources Defense Council anti-pollution advertisement

creative natural resources defense council adImage Credit: viralcircus

#3 Your dentist wants your teeth THIS bright

creative ad dentist officeImage Credit: emlii

#4 Carnival Cruiselines

carnival cruiselines innovative advertisingImage Credit: 123inspiration

#5 Frontline anti-tick ad by an Indonesian advertising agency

frontline anti-tick ad by an indonesian advertising agencyImage Credit: emlii

#6 Windex Glass Cleaner

very cool windex glass cleaner adImage Credit: emlii

#7 Local gym ad, location unknown

innovative local gym ambient adImage Credit: viralcircus

#8 IBM number 1 of 3

ibm creative marketing 1 of 3Image Credit: viralcircus

#9 IBM number 2 of 3

innovative ibm ad part 2 of 3Image Credit: viralcircus

#10 IBM number 3 of 3

ibm marketing creative number 3 of 3Image Credit: viralcircus

#11 Nivea Goodbye cellulite

nivea goodbye cellulite ad couchImage Credit: emlii

#12 Korean subway ad

love this one! korean subway adImage Credit: emlii

#13 Cookware ad from India

prestige cookware ad from indiaImage Credit: 123inspiration

#14 BIC razors

bic razors creative marketingImage Credit: emlii

#15 Juice Salon.

juice salon escalator ad 1 of 2juice salon escalator ad 2 of 2Image Credit: 123inspiration

#16 Practice Road Safety

practice road safety advertisementImage Credit: 123inspiration

#17 Rimmel quick dry nail polish

rimmel quick dry nail polish adImage Credit: emlii

#18 Je*s Jeans

if you can read this your bum is showing - je*s jeans adImage Credit: emlii

#19 KQV Dental Insurance

funny dental insurance ad at bowling alleyImage Credit: viralcircus

#20 Kit-Kat bench

Kit Kat benchImage Credit: emlii

#21 Gillette Mach 3 razors elevator ad

gillette mach 3 razors hairy elevator adImage Credit: emlii

#22 American Disability Association

american disability association creative advertisementImage Credit: emlii

#23 Ewwwww. But true.

reminder: wash your hands!Image Credit: emlii

#24 Pepto Bismol laundrymat

pepto bismol laundrymatImage Credit: emlii

#25 Lays: our potatoes are grown closer than you may think

lays our potatoes are grown closer than you thinkImage Credit: emlii

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