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Parisian artist Nicolas Rivals’ neon lights installed in nature encapsulates the modern world

To see envelope pushing contemporary art in a well designed contemporary art museum is inspiring and emotional for the visitor, no doubt. But what can make edgy, thoughtful contemporary art even more impactful is taking it out of its original context and placing it somewhere unexpected. This is exactly what Parisian artist Nicolas Rivals does with his latest project La Linea Roja, red light temporary installations all over the Spanish countryside.la-linea-roja-01 At each stop on his trip hopping through Spain, Rivals took a series of long-exposure photographs of his glowing geometric neon light tubes enmeshed in awe-inspiring natural environments. Rocky cliffs, moonlit waters and snowy vistas are illuminated with red. The literal balance between technology and nature, urban and country is a poignant juxtaposition of the whole of the world we live in.[h/t thisiscolossal.com]la-linea-roja-03 La Linea Roja la-linea-roja-06 La Linea Roja La Linea Roja la-linea-roja-11 La Linea Roja