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Masashi Wakui’s eerie, atmospheric photographs of the streets of Tokyo at night

When you think Tokyo, you probably think bustling streets, business men and bright lights. Because, well, that’s what Tokyo is – but it isn’t all of the city. Tokyo is a mysterious, vast and sometimes sinister place with lots of dark alleyways and undiscovered street corners. It’s these hidden gems that photographer Masashi Wakui is interested in; his snapshots of quiet Tokyo nights are haunting, hazy and hella cool.

Wakui’s photos of Tokyo’s virtually abandoned after-hours sidewalks are lit mostly by neon signs signaling its storefront’s various wares. Because of this solely artificial source of light, there are incredible plays of light and shadow, corners thrown into complete darkness and building facades glowing red. The raining scenes are especially atmospheric. There’s a certain hush that falls over Wakui’s work that transports you into the moment. [h/t:masa-photo.tumblr.com]tumblr_o1eyxn72oj1s49orpo1_1280 tumblr_ny85dqB93f1s49orpo1_1280 tumblr_nzm9j4emDj1s49orpo1_1280 tumblr_o1b7f12Qbs1s49orpo1_1280 tumblr_o1b935IREp1s49orpo1_1280 tumblr_o1eyxn72oj1s49orpo1_1280 tumblr_o1ezd9mf1E1s49orpo1_1280 tumblr_o15husUAtd1s49orpo1_1280 tumblr_o15hweVSpP1s49orpo1_1280 tumblr_o12184FeYN1s49orpo1_1280tumblr_o1eyxn72oj1s49orpo1_1280

The Hidden Beauty of India’s Underground Stairwells: The Photographs of Victoria Lautman

While there is so much to be thankful for and marvel at when it comes to the progress of modern technology and construction innovations over time, it is true that we have largely let convenience override craftsmanship in a number of different arenas. Brickwork, cobblestones, latticework and carved mouldings are beautiful but expensive and time consuming, so we favor faux brick, paved streets and drywall.

It is so refreshing then to scroll through Victoria Lautman’s photographs of ancient Indian Stepwells. The massive, elaborately carved stone wells were meant as water reserves for the dry months – a complete necessity of survival. But the ancient Indians mixed their business with pleasure and decorated these wells with domes, arched doorways, patterned columns, and carved stairwells so that their reservoirs of water became celebrations of artistry. They may have been simpler times but they were also beautifully complex ones as well. [h/t petapixel.com]stepwell-2AGRASEN_Ki_BAOLI_11BAHADUR_SINGH_25HELICAL_VAV_CHAMPANER_23NEEMRANA_2RANI_KI_VAV_33RANI_KI_VAV_76stepwell-1stepwell-4stepwell-5stepwell-6stepwell-8stepwell-extra-2

Unmasking the beasts: Photographs by Ken Hermann

There’s a rumor (that I think is actually true) that dressed up Disney characters in the parks cannot take off their masks under any circumstances (and yes, that stands even if you get sick inside your costume or experience heat stroke). It’s a rather Draconian-seeming rule until you think about the negative effect a headless Minnie Mouse may have on a plucky 4 year old girl.

If you’re still having trouble visualizing how that may be scarring, take a look at Ken Hermann’s photography series of the un-masked characters who populate the touristy Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. Minnie Mouse and the Mad Hatter look tired, Darth Vader is bored and alone, and Bumblebee is giving the camera a “yeah, I know, and what of it?” challenging stare. Isn’t it always disconcerting to see the man behind the curtain with the sunshine and smiles stripped away? [h/t buzzfeed.com]
Unmasking the beasts: Photographs by Ken Hermann Unmasking the beasts: Photographs by Ken Hermann enhanced-buzz-wide-5694-1436201885-16 enhanced-buzz-wide-12175-1436209605-7 enhanced-buzz-wide-13219-1436199492-16 enhanced-buzz-wide-13615-1436202240-7 enhanced-buzz-wide-18171-1436201680-8 enhanced-buzz-wide-22209-1436195943-8 Unmasking the beasts: Photographs by Ken Hermann enhanced-buzz-wide-30488-1436196620-22 enhanced-buzz-wide-32552-1436202099-18