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Steve Axford takes stunning photographs of Australian fungi you’ve never seen before

Photographer Steve Axford continues his quest to photograph unique and sometimes undiscovered fungi from around Australia. Axford lives in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales in Australia and many of his photos are taken right from his own back yard. They’re known as sub-tropical fungi and some species many have never been photographed before. Others from his album came from Victoria and Tasmania and are classified as temperate fungi. Along with the more popular mushroom, Axford likes to photograph all kinds of fungi, including slime mold and lichens. There’s no limit to the diversity of life forms he stumbles across in their color and shape.

You can find more of Axford’s photos of fungi and other wildlife on Flickr and SmugMug. [h/t thisiscolossal.com]

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Photographs by Takashi Kitajima capture the fluttering lights of Tokyo at night

Fuzzy dots of light streak across the frame in colorful bursts. And in the far distance, one can see the defined edge of a building growing out of the field of lights or a row of cars cutting a path through the hazy illumination. This is Tokyo at night as photographer Takashi Kitajima sees it. The computer software engineer uses an out-of-focus technique in his pictures which he calls “Extra Bokeh” to create a romantic and mysterious scene from Tokyo’s cityscapes.

Because of his work as an engineer, Kitajima hardly goes out. Rather, in his words, he “strikes keyboards every morning to midnight”. But nighttime is the perfect hour to capture the ephemeral beauty of the city around him. [h/t blog.thepages.comillusion.scene360.com]

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Jessica Fulford-Dobson Photographs Afghanistan’s Girl Skateboarders

London-based photographer Jessica Fulford-Dobson was inspired to take these photographs of girl skateboarders in Afghanistan in 2012. She traveled to Kabul to take these photos when she learned about a non-profit organization, Skateistan, created by an Australian skateboarder named Oliver Percovich. And encouragingly, she learned 45% of the students were female. In a country where females are forbidden to ride bikes, skateboarding has quickly turned into the number one sport among women.

Fulford-Dobson said about her time in Afghanistan, “I met so many impressive women and girls in Afghanistan: a teacher as tough and determined as any man; young Afghans in their early twenties who were volunteering at an orphanage and were passionate about being seen as strong and willing to fight for themselves, rather than as victims of circumstance; and girls who were being educated to be leaders in their communities and who were already thinking carefully about their own and their country’s future.”

One of Fulford-Dobson’s portraits won 2nd prize in the 2014 Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize. The work from this series will be on display at Saatchi Gallery in London from April 15 to April 28, 2015. [h/t thisiscolossal.com]

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