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Octavi Navarro’s Pixel Art Illustrations are Full of Hidden Humor

Spanish artist Octavi Navarro’s Pixel Art series of illustrations remind us a lot of scenes from classic gaming. Limited by his medium, he was forced to put extra thought into each narrative. The pixelated creations depict cross-sections of buildings as well as scenes for nature, wartime, and even space. Study each one carefully, as he’s done a very nice job of adding a touch of humor to each piece.

With the painstaking amount of work that goes into pieces such as these (each contains thousands of pixels), Octavi had plenty of time to thoroughly plan every little bit of interaction among the subjects he portrays.

Though it may not have the advanced finish of today’s computer imaging, it shows that with the proper talent an artist can evoke emotion and tell an interesting story no matter the limitations of his medium.

See more of Octavi’s pixel illustrations as well as his other work by visiting his Behance page or by following him on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.

Pixel Art

Octavi Navarro

pixel illustrations

building cross-section

narrative art

humorous art

pixelized illustration

art made with pixels

Source: Octavi Navarro via Design Taxi

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Custom Design Your Breakfast With the Pixel Waffle Iron

No longer will we have to live under the tyranny of traditional waffle irons. Thanks to the Pixel Waffle Iron by do-it-yourself designer Chunder, we will all now have the freedom to create our own custom designed breakfast. May God have mercy on our waistlines.

The Pixel is remarkably simple, requiring only a quick push of the dimples on its removable silicon tray to set your design. It’s the perfect way to add a fun twist to a special breakfast for a Valentine, Mother’s Day, or just because you love cool looking waffles. Measuring in at 10.3”L x 9.2”W x 3.6”H (261.6mm x 233.7mm x 91.4mm), the compact waffle iron should fit easily in any kitchen.

The price point has not yet been set for the Pixel, and they’d like your input. Take a look at the project page for more information, then head over to Quirky and let them know what you think a product like this is worth.

Source: Quirky Blog via Design Taxi

Pixel waffle iron

silicone tray

removable tray

custom design waffles

waffle dimples

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