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Trulia Plays a Halloween Prank on Prospective Home Buyers

Not wanting to be left out of all the all the frightening fun, online real estate site Trulia recently played a Halloween prank on prospective home buyers.

The company invited people seeking a home to an open house, in which they had hidden a large number of frightening gags with 16 GoPro cameras to record it all.

Everyone was a good sport about things, though they’ll probably be crossing this particular house off their list.

Watch the fun haunted open house video below.

Halloween prank

prank video

practical joke

Trulia video

haunted open house

via Ad Week, Trulia


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Tim Hortons Pranks Customers by Blacking Out Entire Store

Visitors to a Quebec area Tim Hortons were greeted with a rather odd sight recently. Rather than the normal red and beige exterior, the location was completely blacked out. Even cars in the parking lot had gotten the treatment. But why would Tim Hortons prank their customers?

It seems the practical joke was all part of a campaign to stir up buzz for the launch of their new Dark blend. The prank, part of the #TimsDark campaign, used real customers who were not in on the joke. Curious passersby looking for a cup of coffee were greeted with an equally blacked out interior set up with night vision cameras. They were allowed to stumble around a bit before mercifully the lights were turned on and they were let in on the joke. Watch the video below to see their reactions.

Tim Hortons prank

black out

customer prank

practical joke

Tim Hortons black out


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The Mail Slot Prank That Will Stop Even The Nosiest of Kids

Kids are naturally inquisitive and while that may help with instilling in them a desire to learn and such, it can also… let’s be honest, make them some of the nosiest little people alive. When some neighborhood kids got a little too fond of peeping in this reddit user‘s house, they got their revenge with this funny mail slot prank. I think it’s safe to say that the children of this neighborhood will be a little more respectful of everyone’s privacy from now on.

Source: imgur

How to Stop Kids From Peeking in Your Mail Slot

How to Stop Kids From Peeking in Your Mail Slot

How to Stop Kids From Peeking in Your Mail Slot

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