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Eerie vibes in these nighttime portraits of suburban homes by Todd Hido

“Come back when the street lights come on!” How many of us heard that refrain from our parents as kids, sending us out into our suburban neighborhoods in the mornings with that command to stay out of the house till nightfall descended? (I’m guessing a lot of us). Todd Hido’s photo essay “Homes at Night” explores what happens to the empty yards and corners of those very suburban homes once the street lights do come on.

The result is a quiet, haunting rumination of the unknown and the uninvited. Each home, with their single windows lit, is at once welcoming and ominous; there is someone home but it doesn’t feel like you’re welcome. Hido’s ability to capture the fog and the cool tones of the sky heighten the eerie vibe of the photographs. [h/t juxtapoz.com] th2 th3 th4 th5 th6 th7 th8 th9