Take a peek at Andy Goldsworthy’s ephemeral nature installations and never look at Mother Nature the same way again

It’s the ephemeral, transitory nature of Goldsworthy’s outdoor installations that make them so magical. Whether it’s a glowing orb of autumn’s most vibrant fallen leaves or a thick spiral of smooth stones on a sandy beach, each piece is a celebration of nature’s most brilliant creations.andy-goldsworthy-art-16-1Goldsworthy’s artistic eye allows each material in his work to shine; there’s an effortlessness and simplicity to his work that makes his incredible hard work invisible. Instead, the viewer is mesmerized by the brilliance of a leaf or the geometry of a stick composition so that they are able to become one with the environment. Of course, this environment is merely a photograph; in a cruel twist of fate, it is almost always only Goldsworthy who has the chance to view his work in situ before it’s destroyed by the very thing that helped create it. [h/t theawesomedaily.com]andy-goldsworthy-art-5-1

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