The 2017 Sony photography award submissions are already proving to be out of this world

Each year, Sony hosts a photography contest, the Sony World Photography Awards, where professional, hobbyist and youth photographers alike can submit their most arresting photographs for consideration to win the prestigious awards. The ceremony will take place in London on April 20, 2017.sonyworldawardphoto2017firstentires0-1-900x600So far, the entries range from crisp nature shots to dreamy studio set ups; the single thread linking them of course being the raw talent and unbridled inspiration of each photographer. We’re particularly drawn to the black and white shot of the zonked out Malaysian schoolboy and the Finnish police officer, resplendent in red sunglasses and neon necklaces. In each, a universal humanity is laid bare, exposing an undefinable relatable quality of both the photographer and subject. [h/t] sonyworldawardphoto2017firstentires0-900x550

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