Alnwick Gardens $7 Million Dollar Tree House

When you’re royalty, money is truly no object and this $7 million dollar tree house proves it. Located adjacent to Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, England, Alnwick Gardens has been the site for its Duke and Duchesses relaxation since the 1700s. Over the years it began to fall into disrepair. This changed in 1997 when Duchess Jane Percy began revitalizing the grounds. Among the improvements was beyond any child’s wildest dreams. The Gardens now boast perhaps the most impressive, out of this world tree house which even features its own restaurant and bar. But it is not just a playground for the nobles, visitors are welcome to eat, drink, or meander around its deck, watch a movie in the cinema, or participate in one of the many yearly activities that are open to visitors. No word on the maximum capacity for sleepovers.

Alnwick Gardens Tree House

million dollar tree houseImage Credit: alnwickgardens

None of my tree houses ever had their point of sale system

Alnwick gardens

Image Credit: lisaatoldport

Fine treetop dining

Fine treetop diningImage Credit: travelzapp

A charming wedding followed by the bride & groom’s first ride on the rope swing?

expensive tree homesImage Credit: Andrew Davies

No multimillion dollar treehouse is complete without a rope bridge

English gardensImage Credit: booksplease

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