The A-dorkable Stickies of Duncan Shotton

I recently read How to be both by Ali Smith and absolutely fell in love with every sentence on every page. I kept track of the particularly inspiring passages with basic yellow Post-it notes that honestly brought my whole reading experience way down with their boring, office-y vibes. If only I’d known about Duncan Shotton super cute and totally necessary Sticky Page Markers, I’d have been so much more aesthetically pleased with my record-keeping.

They’re literally Post-it notes except they’re in the shape of rainbows, the Loch Ness Monster, the NYC skyline and shark fins. Just look how adorable! The stickies transform random page holders into purposeful art in the cutest way. Seriously though, if you’re in the coffee shop reading Hemingway and scoping the cute girl at the next table over – what’s gonna start a conversation? A Post-it flapping around or a Godzilla peeking out from behind your page? [h/t]

The A-dorkable Stickies of Duncan Shotton Sticky-Page-Markers-2

Sticky-Page-Markers-3 Sticky-Page-Markers-4 Sticky-Page-Markers-5 Sticky-Page-Markers-6 The A-dorkable Stickies of Duncan Shotton Sticky-Page-Markers-8 Sticky-Page-Markers-10 The A-dorkable Stickies of Duncan Shotton Sticky-Page-Markers-14