The magical Avatar world of Pandora is coming to life at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom next year

Disney fans, take note. The magical kingdom is expanding in 2017, this year with the debut of Pandora, an Avatar world complete with sacred river boat rides, bioluminescent rainforests, themed restaurants and a ride that takes guests over mountain tops. Disney Parks and Resorts Chair Bob Chapek says he believes the new attraction “promise(s) to set new high-watermarks for our experiential magic we give our guests.”3ad1f66d00000578-3978312-image-a-19_1480334811220Indeed, from the accompanying digital renderings of the finished park, Pandora is an enchanted wonderland full of spellbinding details and enrapturing stories sure to delight kids of all ages. The positive spirit of Pandora shaman, Na’vi, from the Avatar movie, pervades the attraction and meeting her represents the culmination of the guest’s experience in Pandora. Guests can also expect the usual Disney gifts, cultural items, games, toys, science sets and hands-on activities to purchase. [h/t] 3ad1f9eb00000578-3978312-image-a-42_1480335591580

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