The Provocative Paintings of Gabriel Moreno

Spanish artist Gabriel Moreno explores femininity, sexuality, tattoo culture, and animal portraiture in his large-scale mixed media works to create provocative, compelling images that are meant to remain with you. Moreno combines watercolors, pen and digital painting to create his twisted, fantastical portraits. In most, a nude woman, rendered in black and white and covered in tattoos is masked by a brightly colorful donkey or rabbit head.

The women are lovingly and beautifully drawn; they ooze sexuality and power while their tattoos cover them – literally – in symbolism and meaning. Dragons, koi fish, crowned lions heads and words like “stay true” adorn their bodies. To add even more to the visual experience, Moreno tops them off with prismatic animal heads – they add an edginess to the portraits that take them from sensual to sinister. Moreno’s work is layered, complex and demand multiple viewing to catch their full meaning. [h/t]

Gabriel-Moreno-1 Gabriel-Moreno-2

Gabriel-Moreno-4 Gabriel-Moreno-5 Gabriel-Moreno-6 Gabriel-Moreno-8 Gabriel-Moreno-10 Gabriel-Moreno-12 Gabriel-Moreno-14