The Solocam brings the selfie stick for journalism

Love them or loathe them, everyone’s heard of the selfie stick –beloved by Instagram enthusiasts around the world, they’re a common sight at concerts, festivals and holiday destinations. So it seems like audiences will be divided over the news that the selfie stick is coming to TV.

The Solocam is a video camera with built-in microphone that’s mounted on a stick, allowing reporters to get into small or hard to reach places without camera or sound crews. Potentially an exciting step forward for journalism, it could give audiences a much closer view of breaking news stories… or it could go the same way as the selfie stick, becoming more annoying than useful or ushering in an age of even more intrusive reporting techniques.

It might not be popular with everyone, but early information suggest that the Solocam is certainly an invention to watch. [h/t]

solocam_stick_1 solocam_stick_2

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