These color thread installations bring magical rainbows inside a museum’s hallowed walls

The only thing rarer (and cooler) than a double rainbow is an indoor rainbow. Unless, of course, you head to the Toledo Museum of Art in Ohio. There, youll find Gabriel Dawes Plexus no. 35, a multi-dimensional rainbow made from thousands of different colored threads. The colorful piece is meant to mimic bouncing light beams and while it absolutely does just that, the result is much more exuberant and joyful than a successful science experiment.indoor-rainbow-2It’s interesting, too, the installation choices that the artist and museum made; putting the super modern 3D piece in a traditional gallery, its walls flanked with portraits in gilded frames, sets up an aesthetic conflict between two very different artistic styles. It’s a juxtaposition that works well, however; Plexus no. 35 brings energy, movement and fun to an otherwise staid space. [h/t:]indoor-rainbow-1

indoor-rainbow-3 indoor-rainbow-4 indoor-rainbow-5 indoor-rainbow-6