These crosswalk makeovers make the streets of Madrid a Technicolor dream world

The streets of Madrid just got a major upgrade with Christo Guelov’s colorful crosswalk makeovers. The Belgian artist’s project, called Funnycross, combines playful street art with pedestrian safety awareness— an unusual but effortless combination.funnycross_04Guelov has steadily transformed many of Madrid’s major crosswalks with his colorful, geometric designs. The vibrant polka dots, stripes and chevrons brighten up the city streets and bring awareness of both pedestrians and cars to the busy intersections. Guelov’s goal is to “inquire into something apparently non-existent or invisible to others and to provide it with real presence.” And that’s exactly what Guelov did, transforming a necessary and utilitarian public feature into a cheerful artistic expression that encourages everyone to slow down and enjoy the journey. [h/t] funnycross_05

funnycross_06 funnycross_09 funnycross_11 funnycross_13 funnycross_15 funnycross_ii_01 funnycross_ii_02 funnycross_ii_08 funnycross_ii_12 funnycross_ii_13 funnycross_ii_15