These ocean-inspired coffee tables by Alexandre Chapelin will liven up any living room

Coffee tables aren’t often considered major design pieces when it comes to popular furniture pieces for the home. They’re often overlooked, with cool couches, whimsical lighting fixtures and colorful rugs taking center stage. That is, of course, unless the coffee table in question is a Lagoon table by Alexandre Chapelin.

Made from Travertine marble and a special blue resin material, these gorgeous seawater-inspired tables are a perfect pop of art in any living room. The designer lives near the ocean in Saint Martin and the influence of the crystal blue waters he’s so often exposed to is evident in his designs; the natural marbling of the Travertine mimics the ebb and flow of the ocean’s waves perfectly. The crystal blue resin is dramatic against the cool marble and lends a tropical, relaxing feel to any living space. [h/t]Lagoon-Tables-by-Alexandre-Chapelin-1 Lagoon-Tables-by-Alexandre-Chapelin-2

Lagoon-Tables-by-Alexandre-Chapelin-3 Lagoon-Tables-by-Alexandre-Chapelin-4 Lagoon-Tables-by-Alexandre-Chapelin-5 Lagoon-Tables-by-Alexandre-Chapelin-6