These paper bird sculptures from Diana Beltran Herrera will make your heart sing

Its not often that humans depictions of nature are better than the real thing but with Diana Beltran Herreras paper bird stamp series, that is most definitely the case. The Colombian artist says shes carried a fascination with birds with her since she was a little girl though it wasnt until 2013 that she began incorporating the avian figures into her artwork. Her latest bird-related series combines her intricate paper bird sculptures with postage stamps from some of her favorite countries, playing with the concepts of travel, flight and globalism all in one.DianaBH16_01Herreras cut paper sculptures really are a marvel of medium mastery; each delicate, detailed bird is bursting with personality, movement and dynamism. The colors are bright, the posing organic and the skill of it all on another level. Herrera said that she thought to pair the forms with international stamps because of the natural connection between the two— the intersection of a bird and its landscape, traveling and cultural understanding. Her stamps too are vibrant, engaging and special; each piece of her artwork is obviously deliberately and lovingly created. [h/t] DianaBH16_02

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