These portraits of global citizens are a compassionate reminder that we’re all human

In light of recent events, it feels particularly poignant to be reminded of our shared humanism, no matter our race, gender, age or ethnicity. Mattia Passarini’s haunting beautiful photographs serve as the prompting we need to get back to our compassionate roots.mattia-passarini19-900x1349It’s obvious Passerini took great care to depict her subjects with grace, thought and care. Likewise, the vulnerable, honest expressions each wear on their face show just how much they trust their photographer. She captures lifetimes and moments at once— joy, pain, mirth, sorrow are all there in their truest forms. And that’s saying nothing of the incredible dress, jewelry and beauty trends that her subjects proudly wear, symbols of their culture and heritage. [h/t]mattia-passarini18-900x1347

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