These rooftop photographs of Shanghai will leave you gripping the rail

Vertigo sufferers need not apply to Oliver Shou’s dizzying skyscraper photographs. The Shanghai based, San Francisco born photographer has made it his mission to capture the urban beauty of his city from above, flitting from rooftop to rooftop, capturing the city streets and neighboring skyscrapers with an unsettlingly sharp perspective.1-55Indeed, it’s perspective that makes Shou’s photographs so incredible. Whether he’s dangling his Adidas-clad feet off a ledge or a friend sits scarily close to the edge of a building to look down on the streets below, Shou pays close attention to the composition of his shots. Dizzying heights call for vernitgous feelings and when triangulated buildings seem to speed past you in a single still photograph, you know that Shou has done his job as a photographer and done it well. [h/t] 2-53

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