This French countryside graffiti is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before

When you think street art, what comes to mind? Banksy and his politically evocative (and commercially lucrative) works of art? Or maybe just random tags spray painted onto the side of a passing train? No matter what your perception of what “typical” street art is, we’re almost positive it doesn’t look anything like Patrick Commecy’s street murals on French countryside buildings.desktop-1469469067.pngRather than create something on them that the building are not, Commecy instead tags a wall with the realistic likeness of what that building could be, all idyllic downtown scenes complete with tree-lined balconies, neighbors meeting and summertime parties happening. Commecy and his team, A Fresco, concentrate on creating inspiring, sweet tableaus on the sides of older buildings, bringing the town’s citizens a dose of hope and optimism. [h/t]zz