This is one spider you’re not going to be able to squish with your sneaker

While we’re not sure you’ll get very far in one of Carv’s Spider bicycles, what with people stopping you every 5 feet to take a photo of the incredible design, we are sure you’d get a kick out of such a unique mode of transportation.spiderbicycle01The steampunk design is as innovative as it is astounding. The back “legs” work just as a regular bicycle wheel would; every time you pedal, the legs help propel the bike forward. We’re not sure of the speed capabilities of this eight-legged invention but – again – imagine that speed isn’t the goal with the Spider cycle. [h/t] spiderbicycle02

spiderbicycle03 spiderbicycle04 spiderbicycle05 spiderbicycle06 spiderbike