This Japanese digital art installation is an Instagrammer’s dream

teamLab, a Japanese digital art collective, has put together a totally immersive art experience with their latest installation. The 400+ member team worked together to create their largest installation to date and is complete with an app, light, sound, virtual reality and digital sequences that give the visitor a one-of-a-kind experience.teamlab-0-900x600For example, in the Crystal Universe room, over 50,000 LED lights were installed in columns that encompass the whole room. Visitors are encouraged to manipulate the lights’ patterns with the accompanying app; the result, the team hopes, is a tech-positive experience that they won’t soon forget. All the rooms, no matter how different their aesthetic, are psychedelic, trippy and ultimately fulfilling experiences that allow visitors to check out of their reality and into teamLab’s enriched one. [h/t]teamlab-1-900x600