This little girl grew up in the African deserts surrounded by elephants— and totally lived our dream life

After watching Disney movies like the Jungle Book and Tarzan as kids, it’s pretty safe to say that most of us daydreamed about growing up in the wild, surrounded by friendly animals and sleeping in hammocks in the canopy. And while that wasn’t in the cards for any of us, it’s exactly how Tippi Degre grew up in the Serengeti desert.

The little girl’s parents worked as wildlife photographers and filmmakers and spent their time in the wild, capturing animals in their natural habitat. Thus, Degre spent her childhood running through the desert with elephants, tigers, cougars, snakes and lizards. The photos her family captured of her are truly remarkable; both she and the animals she’s with look completely relaxed and at peace together. She’s literally hugging a frog which may be one of the most unhuggable animals there is! [h/t]real_life_mowgli_1real_life_mowgli_5