This modern mountain cabin looks like it was dropped from the future

There are so many ways to experience the great outdoors; sleeping bags on the ground, rustic cabins in the forest and campers set up in parks are a few of the usual suspects but a super sleek, modern structure? Not so normal, but oh so chic.winter-cabin-mount-kanin_ofis_a_fotojanez-martincic_03_ OFIS Arhitekti conjured up this winter cabin for Mount Kanin in Slovenia. Clocking in at just under 105 square feet, this teeny cantilevered cabin uses cross-laminated timber, glass and aluminum panels in a contemporary, innovative way that integrates the building into its surroundings effortlessly and naturally. The natural wood grain interior is sparse— on purpose, focusing the inhabitantsattention to the stunning surrounding landscape. The cabin is accessible by helicopter or mountain climbing only and is meant as a retreat for serious adventurers. [h/t]3_winter-cabin-mount-kanin_ofis_fotoales-gregoric_27_

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