This photographer’s Aurora borealis will be the most magical things you see all week

The Northern Lights is basically just Mother Nature showing off in a major way; the incandescent swirling bursts of color are a top bucket list site for citizens around the world for a reason. For those of us who cannot visit Finland to see this natural wonder in person, photographer Tiina Törmänens Lapland series is by far the next best thing.3-tiina-tormanen-finland-winter-min Törmänen grew up in Lapland, and while she currently lives in Helinski, she made the trek back to her hometown to capture the magical landscape of her youth. The winter wonderland snowscapes look straight out of Lord of the Rings with the twinkling lights, towering trees and massive ice mountains all set against the luminous Aurora borealis. Of course, those Northern Lights are the real stars of the showthe mystical lights swirling the sky with the most unreal cotton candy colored halos. Törmänens talent transports viewers to somewhere otherworldly and we cant wait to take the trip. [h/t]4-tiina-tormanen-finland-winter-min

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