This recent Golden Ratio discovery in Ansel Adams’ work further solidifies his artistic genius

Sometimes you just stumble upon something magical, whether it’s a particularly beautiful sunset, concert in a park, or, in the case of Eliiot McGucken, the Golden Ratio in Ansel Adams’ photographs. The photographer was scrolling through some public domain photos of Adams’ and realized that the legendary landscape photographer was employing the Golden Ratio in his work.Ansel-Adams-Golden-Ratio-Elliot-McGucken-1The Golden Ratio, a mathematical principle that’s found in nature and used by many great artists and architects, creates visual harmony with a composition, whether that’s a person’s face or a landscape photograph. Once he saw the ratio, McGucken began overlaying the ratio diagram over Adams’ public domain photographs to confirm his initial thoughts— and there it was, over and over again. It seems Adams never mentioned using the Golden Ratio so it’s unclear whether he employed it consciously or subconsciously. Either way, his use of this aesthetically pleasing principle is no surprise; his landscapes are [h/t /] Ansel-Adams-Golden-Ratio-Elliot-McGucken-2

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