Makeup Artist Lara Hawker’s Tiger Hand Painting

Makeup artist Lara Hawker has an immense talent for using a person’s body as a canvas and transforming their face, back, or whatever you can think of into something incredible. The New Zealand artist recently posted this very cool tiger hand painting she did on her Deviant Art page, wanting to try something a little out of her normal comfort zone.

It’s quite the cool effect, and reminds us a lot of the designs you see on many football players wearing on their receiving gloves these days. To create this kind of symmetry on a canvas that comes apart is really something special. Her body paint tiger face is below, as well as some other choice works from her we enjoy. Take a look and to see more from Lara, visit her Deviant Art page.

Source: Lara Hawker via Neatorama

tiger hand painting

More of Tara’s work…

makeup artist lara hawker

lara hawker face paint

make up art

tiger stare face paint

tiger face painting

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