Traffic lights transform into mystical beacons in Lucas Zimmermann’s latest series

The characteristics of an artist are indeed varied; there’s no strict set of guidelines that deems you worthy of the title. With that said, we do feel that a certain curiosity and interest in everyday life often leads to some of the best art around. Such is the case for Lucas Zimmermann’s latest Traffic Lights series that he started two years ago.Lucas-Zimmermann-02While the concept is simple — the photographer captures the light in a 20 second exposure on foggy evenings — The result is anything but. The three colors and three separate light posts blur together to create moody, magical portraits of these utilitarian objects. [h/t] Lucas-Zimmermann-03

Lucas-Zimmermann-04 Lucas-Zimmermann-06 Lucas-Zimmermann-07 Lucas-Zimmermann-08 Lucas-Zimmermann-09