Skateboard Wall Hanger: Display Your Board & Crack a Beer!

The Wall Ride by Zanocchi & Starke lets you show off your skateboard’s deck all while keeping your wall safe from wheel scuffs and rubbing from your board.

And with three hooks and two shelves, there’s plenty of room for your sunglasses, headphones, and other gear. It can even open your beer, with the slot used for your board also doubling as a bottle opener.

It comes in many different colors or you can just create your own, assuming you have working hands and are still allowed to purchase paint from the store. Find out more at Z & S.

skateboard hanger

wall ride

wall hanger

deck hanger

skateboard shelf

wall ride

wall hanger

board hanger

skateboard shelves

via Zanocchi & Starke, Yanko Design


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