Young Artist Draws Incredibly Realistic Eyes Using Only Colored Pencils

Jose Vergara is a 19 year old immensely talented artist currently living in Texas. Though young in age, his talent is well beyond his years. It’s difficult to believe that his closeup eye drawings were done completely with colored pencils. With a quick glance, one who did not know any better would likely assume they were simply well done photographs. What sets the young artist apart from many in his field is his superb ability to retain the realism of his pencil drawings with such a great amount of color. His talent for creating realistic shades and hues can be matched by very few. To see more of Jose’s work, follow him on Facebook.

Source: Jose’s Facebook via boredpanda

colored pencil art

drawing with colored pencils

eye done all in colored pencil

drawing using only colored pencils for art

colored pencil drawing of an eye

colored pencil drawing of an eye closeup

nicely done colored art of eye

very nice piece of colored pencil art

colored pencil portrait

done completely with colored pencils by jose vergara

girl exhaling smoking done with only pencils

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