10 of the most colorful animals in the world

While kittens and bunnies may be the cutest and killer whales and tarantulas may be the scariest (its scientifically prove, we…promise!), have you ever wondered which animals are the most colorful? Weve rounded up 10 of the brightest, most striking animals on the planet to add a little color to your day.

 Gouldian Finch. Colorblocking has been a major fashion movement over the past few seasons but the Gouldian Finch is the original trendsetter with its bright blocks of color all over its body. Males have a bright violet chest while females wear a more subdued mauve. Theyre found mostly in Australia, though their native numbers have been declining over the decades.800px-male_adult_gouldian_finchMandarin Dragonet Fish. These little guys are popular aquarium fish— and you can see why. Their bright colors and psychedelic markings are a definite attention grabber. Though many people want to include them in their aquarium families, theyre notoriously picky eaters and will often refuse to eat fish food and prefer only the things theyd otherwise eat in the wild. ????????????????????????????????????

Poison Dart Frogs. Many colorful animals are also poisonous. Their bright markings serve as a warning to predators to “stay away!” Such is the case for the poison dart frog. Many scientists believe that the frogs poison comes from synthesizing the bugs they eat while in the wild. Captive frogs have been known to all but loose their toxicity when feed only on a diet of non-toxic insects, making them a popular pet choice in some circles.poison-dart-frog-orange-blue-minSunset Moth. The only thing more striking than a sunset over a beach is a sunset moth on a tree. The multi colored moths are found mostly in Madagascar and are found in abundance from March through August, though smaller numbers do live throughout the year. Because of its beauty, its wings were even made into jewelry during the Victorian era.669px-chrysiridia_madagascarensis2better_crop-minBlue Ringed Octopus. These cerulean polka dotted marine creatures are known to be some of the most venomous animals on the planet— they contain a toxin powerful enough to kill a full grown human. Theyre native to the Indian and Pacific oceans from Australia to Japan.800px-male_adult_gouldian_finch Clown Fish. Nemo, is that you? The cute clown fish has been forever immortalized in popular culture as the basis for Pixars Finding Nemo namesake. In real life, the fish live in coral reefs or shallow lagoons in the Indian and Pacific Oceans and evne in the Red Sea.metalogoPanther Chameleon. Chameleons are known for their color changing ways and this particular tropical forest dweller is no different. Chameleons arent born with the capacity to change to any color or environment; instead, each species has a range of color options, depending on their native environments temperature and light.panther_slide1Lilac Breasted Roller. These African birds look like abstract watercolors come to life. But while they look sweet and innocent, these birdies are actually quite aggressive when it comes to protecting their flock. Both parents incubate their eggs and will take on raptors if they need to! yfmlhik-min Peacock Mantis Shrimp. A far cry from popcorn shrimp, these brightly colored shrimp are native to The Indo-Pacific region though many salt water aquarium enthusiasts consider them prize additions to their aquarium. Watch out though— these little guys are aggressive and will actually use their hard shells to break the glass of their aquariums.tumblr_mnzltjbxwk1qm9k25o1_1280-minIndian Peacock. In terms of classic colorful animals, the Indian Peacock is way up there. Its one of the most well known bright birds and for good reason. Its iridescent feathers sparkle with jewel toned greens, blues, and yellows.7136089-beautiful-indian-peacock-with-fully-fanned-tail-stock-photo-min