A one-men project: The Bishop Castle in Colorado is the largest self-built castle in America

A 15 years old boy decided to save money in order to buy a land where he can build a cottage for him and his family. He found a little place on a mountainside in Colorado and single-handedly started to build his dream house. The small cottage that the boy built was surrounded by rocks which gave an impression to the locals that the place looks like a castle. Little time was needed for the boy to really decide to take their opinion for granted.450px-CastilloBishop2Jim Bishop is working on his fortress for over 50 years now and with every little new addition, he makes the place looks even more magical. At first glance, the castle looks like it comes out of a fairy tale because of the medieval style and the three large cathedral windows. Throughout the years, many people promised to help him with materials and building but they were just empty promises because no one ever showed up which made Bishop’s decision even more firmly to build everything by himself. When asked, he often calls his home “a monument to hardworking people”. castillo castle image 2

He gathered thousands of rocks from the San Isabel forest nearby and built a fortress so high that the top peeks out above the trees of the mountain. According to BishopCastle.org, there are three full stories and many little bridges around the whole castle. One of the most fascinating is the Fire-Breathing Dragon in which Bishop installed a burner from a hot-air balloon so that it resembles a real dragon placed on top of the front part of the castle.castillo castle image 3This just proves a point, that if you really want to make a dream come true in life, you have to work hard to make it happen. But, all great accomplishments have their downsides throughout the process. Bishop struggled with the Washington bureaucrats for over 40 years because of the stones that he used from the national forest. A few years ago, he was diagnosed with cancer and decided to make his friend David Merrill the future keeper of the castle. But, it turns out that Merrill is trying to make many changes to the place that Bishop never approved.450px-Vistainterior3castillo castle imageThe castle is always open to the public for free and there was no need for someone to try to make it even more attractive for tourists because it is stunning as it is. Unfortunately, Bishop is still trying to stop Merrill from making further decisions for the place but we can hope that this remarkable monument will stay the same because every person in Pueblo is on Bishop’s side. However, Bishop is still building and has no intentions to stop. Tourists from all over the U.S. come to see the castle and most of them meet with Bishop who when asked why he decided to build it he replies that he always wanted to have a castle and believes that every man wants one for himself.   lossy-page1-800px-thumbnail.tif