Backcountry Snowboarding: Huge Speeds Where Humans Have Never Been!

Though it’s become much more accepted in recent years, snowboarding has always been a sport that’s attracted rebels. At more classic sport competitions such as the Olympics, its competitors have sometimes received criticism from more traditional sport followers for not taking things seriously enough. What they don’t understand is that the sport isn’t so much about being the best; it never really has been and probably never will be. It’s about pulling off that great trick or watching and cheering as your buddy does, riding the perfect line, or hitting some fresh powder before anyone else does.

The spirit of snowboarding may not be any better personified than in the backcountry. In backcountry snowboarding, its practioners seek out remote locales in constant search of that perfect ride. Hours or days can be spent getting to a starting point, and oftentimes snowmobiles or other transportation is brought in out of necessity. Today, we take a look at some of the most incredible backcountry snowboarding pictures we could find. Enjoy, and be sure to share them with your friends.

backcountry snowboardingImage Credit: davisenterprise

backcountry snowboarding pictures

Image Credit: Altus

snowboarding in the backcountryImage Credit: Altus

big air in the backcountryImage Credit: Altus

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catching big air in the backcountryImage Credit: transworld

carving in the backcountryImage Credit: Kronicle Magazine

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backcountry snowboarding picturesImage Credit: alaskasnowboardingguides

ready to attack the backcountryImage Credit: alaskasnowboardingguides

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