Brandon Voges’ Donut Doubles: It’s Like Looking in a Delicious Mirror!

St. Louis, Missouri based photographer Brandon Voges likes to have some fun while putting his talent for photography to work, and his latest series Donut Doubles is a great and downright hilarious example of that. The series is pretty self-explanatory, with Brandon taking portraits of people who bear an uncanny resemblance to pastry creations from local bakery Strange Donuts. Donut Doubles was put together as a way to liven up invitations for an annual breakfast event held by The Marlin Network, with past themes being Breakfast Interrupted and Breakfast Burlesque (videos of the previous two events at the end of this article).

No word on just how many donuts one needs to eat before they literally become one, so please eat with caution. Keep up with the latest from Brandon Voges by following him on behance, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Source: Brandon Voges via Feature Shoot

Cruller to be Kind

Cruller to be Kind from Donut Doubles

Strawberry Punch

Strawberry Punch

Why the Long Face

Why the Long Face by Brandon Voges

Debbie Diner

Debbie Diner

Be Speckled

Be Speckled

French Silk

French Silk by Brandon Voges

Breakfast Interrupted

Breakfast Burlesque

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