21 Cakes That Look Almost Too Good to Eat. Almost.

Maybe it’s just my imagination, or maybe it’s the explosion of cake shows on television in the past few years… but it seems like the art of cake decorating has taken some giant leaps forward in recent years. Every wedding, birthday, or other event seems to be locked in a never-ending battle to one-up the previous party on who can have the most elaborately designed cake.

But anyone with an event coming up is going to have their work cut out for them, as you’ll see with the fantastic cake designs below. Whether you’re a steampunk fan, a James Bond film buff, or just appreciate people who can apply their artistic talents to absolutely anything, you’ve got to check these out. Take a look, then share this page with a friend see which ones they like the best!


cake artImage Credit: Kathy Knaus


cake designs

Image Credit: classiccakesandconfections

Steampunk cakes

cake designsImage Credit: Johannas tårtor

beautiful cakesImage Credit: Johannas tårtor


artistic cakesImage Credit: North Star Cake

cake artImage Credit: North Star Cake


cake designsImage Credit: fsumaria


artistic cakesImage Credit: Sharon Wee

Anti-Gravity Candy

cake artImage Credit: Rose Aurora

Ice Age

cake designsImage Credit: imgur


beautiful cakesImage Credit: cakecrumbs

Pig Mud Bath

artistic cakesImage Credit: Taartjes Van Fiona

James Bond wedding

artistic cakesImage Credit: David Malki


cake artImage Credit: anonymous panda

Starry Night

cake artImage Credit: bored panda

Book Lover

cake designsImage Credit: bored panda


beautiful cakesImage Credit: rezonans

Harry Potter spellbook

cake designsImage Credit: Vanessa Berry


beautiful cakesImage Credit: cakecrumbs

artistic cakesImage Credit: cakecrumbs


cake artImage Credit: conjurerskitchen


beautiful cakesImage Credit: boredpanda


beautiful cakesImage Credit: Proteon

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