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These photographs of Japanese lightning bugs are unreal

Japan is a country that knows how to somehow take a cute thing and make it even cuter (I’m looking at you, Japanese cat Instagram accounts). That’s why it’s not surprising that even their bugs are more awe-inspiring and magical than anywhere else! Each summer, Japanese fireflies put on a brilliant light show in their attempts to attract a mate.firefiles-1-900x572The yearly spectacle is short-lived, so photographs often camp out in the Japanese forests to properly capture the brightly lit mating ritual. As with any lightning bug, the bursts of light from the Japanese variety are intermittent and short-lived so the photographers will use long exposure shots to capture the beauty. The resulting images are of a dream-like fairy world, with yellow-green auras dotting the darkened forest floors. [h/t]firefiles-2-900x1194firefiles-3-900x602firefiles-4-900x602firefiles-5-900x600firefiles-6-900x549firefiles-8-900x597firefiles-9-900x594firefiles-10-900x604

This little girl grew up in the African deserts surrounded by elephants— and totally lived our dream life

After watching Disney movies like the Jungle Book and Tarzan as kids, it’s pretty safe to say that most of us daydreamed about growing up in the wild, surrounded by friendly animals and sleeping in hammocks in the canopy. And while that wasn’t in the cards for any of us, it’s exactly how Tippi Degre grew up in the Serengeti desert.

The little girl’s parents worked as wildlife photographers and filmmakers and spent their time in the wild, capturing animals in their natural habitat. Thus, Degre spent her childhood running through the desert with elephants, tigers, cougars, snakes and lizards. The photos her family captured of her are truly remarkable; both she and the animals she’s with look completely relaxed and at peace together. She’s literally hugging a frog which may be one of the most unhuggable animals there is! [h/t]real_life_mowgli_1real_life_mowgli_5real_life_mowgli_6real_life_mowgli_8real_life_mowgli_11real_life_mowgli_12real_life_mowgli_14real_life_mowgli_15tippi_africa_12

These animals will have you saying aww…and ouch

It’s pretty safe to say that, as a species, humans have a collective soft spot for cute animals. Fuzzy kittens, clumsy puppies, floppy-eared bunny rabbits— you name a cute animal, the internet is obsessed with it. Unfortunately, many of these adorable animals that we want to hug and squeeze when we see them are actually quite hateful and will do more than just squeeze you back if given the chance.

Mute SwanMuteSwan1

Swans are more classically elegant than cutely cuddly but either way, they’re ferocious beasts not to be messed with. Swans can be incredibly volatile and are known to attack and harm other animals, children and even adult men! Their aggressive nature comes out especially strong when they’re nesting; make sure you steer clear of those militant mammas during your next trip to the park! [image source]

Slow Lorisslow-loris.jpg.638x0_q80_crop-smart

Don’t let the name fool you: the Slow Loris is quick at protecting itself— and harming you. The big eyed, sweet faced mammal excretes a poisonous toxin from its elbows which it mixes with its saliva to coat its own body as well as attack its perceived predators. The toxin is so powerfully potent that it can send even an adult human into anaphylactic shock. The small creatures will often combine their toxic secretions with hissing noises, raising its arms above its head and moving its body in an S-shape; this has led some Smithsonian scientists to believe that the Slow Loris evolved to mimic the cobra! [image source]



Those cute chubby cheeks, playful polka dots and wide eyes are cute, sure, but the pufferfish is the second most deadly vertebrae on the planet. It contains enough poison to kill 30 adults at once; the tetrodotoxin paralyzes the diaphragm, causing the victim to suffocate. There’s no known antidote to the poison but that doesn’t stop fisherman from fishing for the exotic creature. [image source]

Leopard Sealleopard-seal.jpg.638x0_q80_crop-smart

While there’s no scientific evidence to back up the claim, it’s most certainly true: seals are one of the cutest animals on the planet. And they’re also the most aggressive! The Leopard Seal, found in Antartica, are natural predators and hunt their prey with frightening precision. Of course, most often their prey is penguins but the seals have been known to stalk – and kill – humans as well. [image source]


You’ve probably heard the phrase “the Dingo ate my baby!” and while it is supposed to be funny, it’s barely an exaggeration. The fluffy animals may resemble man’s best friend, but these dog-like creatures are wild and aggressive. They’ve been known to maul even the friendliest of strangers and one even killed a 9 year old boy once. [image source]


These black and white cuddly-looking furballs are beloved around the world as one of the cutest animals on the planet. They’re slightly dopey seeming and move slowly, munching on bamboo and looking around, for the most part. But Pandas are still bears and ones that can hurt you just as badly as a black bear can. Pandas are actually known to be quite aggressive and will attack humans, when when they’ve been bred in captivity. [image source]

Poison Dart FrogPoison-Dart-Frog-Imgur

These tiny, neon green little guys are no bigger than a paperclip but pack a majorly poisonous punch. They have enough poison in their bodies to kill ten adult men! Their name comes from being used on the ends of arrows by native South Americans while they were hunting. [image source]

CassowaryMale Cassowary & Chicks

The Cassowary’s colorful neck, shiny feathers and crazy crest make them fun to look at but don’t get too close. The flightless bird is native to New Guinea and resembles a cross between a peacock, turkey and ostrich that gives it a unique look. It also has a unique way of protecting itself; the Cassowary likes to disembowel its perceived predators. That’s right: the bird has incredibly powerful claws and nails that it will use to tear open your stomach. [image source]


What’s cuter than a lumbering hippo playing in the mud or chomping on some leaves? Not much! The cuteness ends there, though. Hippos are incredibly territorial creature and if they feel that you’re moving in too closely to their area, they will chase down and chomp a human in a heartbeat. While their 8,000 pounds make them seem slow, they can actually run at up to 20 mph and won’t hesitate to chase you down. Their large mouths and huge teeth can clamp down at up to 6,000 pounds of pressure which is no joke. [image source]

Duck Billed Platypusplatypuscute1

The Duck Billed Platypus is one of the weirdest looking creatures in the animal kingdom. It’s a furry mammal with a duck bill which really seems like it shouldn’t be possible but makes it super cute. Their unique characteristics don’t stop there, though, because the animal also has poison-filled spurs on their hind legs which they use to protect themselves against attackers. If a human were to be injected with the venom, it can leave your muscles impaired for months and is incredibly painful. [image source]