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Creative artist turns potholes into ice cream mosaics

Chicago-based mosaic artist, Jim Bachor is performing a public service by filling in Chicago’s potholes – with mosaic art. Treats in the Streets is a fun project he created to fill in potholes with mosaic illustrations of ice cream.

Regarding the project, Bachor states, “Nobody likes potholes. They’re universally reviled. And so I think it’s kinda funny to have something beautiful, like a bouquet of tulips or something like that. It’s this total opposite of what you’d expect.”

Bachor chose to use mosaics specifically because of the medium’s reputation. When people think about mosaics, they usually think about bathroom framed mirrors, flower pots, or things their aunts may have done in craft class. He wanted to create something fun and unexpected out of the medium.

Bachor has been invited to appear at an end-of-winter festival in Finland. And the Nike Store on Michigan Avenue has commissioned him to design a four-foot-by-six-foot pothole on their concrete floor.  [h/t]

Creative artist turns potholes into ice cream mosaics Creative artist turns potholes into ice cream mosaics bachor3 bachor4 bachor5 bachor6 bachor45

This Glowing Beach in Maldives is Absolutely Stunning

Yes, you read the title right: A glowing beach does exists in Maldives, at Vaadhoo Island, to be exact. While it may look like something you’d see in Disney movies, of course, we have Mother Earth to thank for splender. The blue glow coming from the beach which looks like a billion shining stars is actually caused by bioluminescent phytoplankton fireflies.

Whenever they intertwine, the phytoplankton produce glowing light. Their cell membrane responds to electrical signals when a wave crashes on the beach, and they also take shape of people’s footprints in the sand.Take a look at this awesome phenomenon in the video clip below…

Glowing-Beach-Awash-at-Vaadhoo-Island-in-Maldives-1 Glowing-Beach-Awash-at-Vaadhoo-Island-in-Maldives-2 Glowing-Beach-Awash-at-Vaadhoo-Island-in-Maldives-3 Glowing-Beach-Awash-at-Vaadhoo-Island-in-Maldives-4 Glowing-Beach-Awash-at-Vaadhoo-Island-in-Maldives-5


Video Shows How the Ideal Female Body Has Changed Over Time

One only needs to look at an era’s pop culture to see how the ideal female body changes over time. Some eras prefer fuller, curvier women, while others have idealized thinner, more “boyish” figures.

In a new controversial video, BuzzFeed took a look at the “perfect” body of our time and years past, starting with ancient Greece going all the way through the roaring 20s and later the waifish-thin supermodel era to today’s “post-modern” beauty.

Many argue that the full-figured woman depicted for the Golden Age of Hollywood (1930s-1950s) is not a true representation, feeling that she is too curvaceous. Others applaud this woman’s form as well as the video’s reminder that women of so many different shapes and sizes have been considered ideal over our shared history.

What do you think? Watch the video below, then share this page with a friend and get their opinion!

Ancient Greece, c. 500 – 300 B.C.

ideal female body

Ancient Egypt, c. 1291 – 1069 B.C.

buzzfeed female body

Han Dynasty, c. 206 B.C. – 220 A.D.

buzzfeed ideal body

Victorian England, c. 1837 – 1901

ideal body video

Roaring Twenties, c. 1920s

female body throughout history

Golden Age of Hollywood, c. 1930s – 1950s

body through history buzzfeed

Heroin Chic, c. 1990s

buzzfeed ideal body

Postmodern Beauty, c. 2000s – today

ideal body video

via BuzzFeed, Design Taxi


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