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Need Children’s Bedroom Ideas? Here’s 32 You’ll Love

Looking to upgrade your child’s room? Then you’re in luck, or at least your little one is. Today we have some fantastic children’s bedroom ideas that are sure to please your child no matter what their interests. So whether you’ve got a sports fanatic, an outdoor lover, or a future construction tycoon — there’s a bedroom for your child. Take a look at all 32 then let us know in the comments section at the end of the page which are your favorites.

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Very lucky kid's bedroom


Jungle theme bedroom


Creative children's room


Toy trucks kids bedroom


Kids room themes


Farm room for kids


Bunk rooms for kids


Loft kids room ideas


Kids room ideas


Reading books kids bedroom


Solar system kids room


Disney theme kids room


Fun kids room ideas


Little girls bedroom


Truck theme boys room


Creative childrens bed rooms


Bedroom for girls


Basketball theme kids bedroom


Storage kids bed


Jungle room children bed


Childs bed with slide


Beds for kids themes


Outdoor theme kids bed room


Colorful kids room


Kids sharing room ideas


Basketball room kids


Climbing wall for kids


Kids fort bedroom


Rooms for kids


Nature theme for girls room


Boys bed room


Ladder for kids bed

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School Bus Conversion So Cheap and Easy Any One Can Do It!

Entering the final semester of graduate school, Hank Butitta was in need of a project for his Master’s Thesis – and he needed one fast. Little did he know that it would lead him to create quite possibly the coolest school bus conversion you’ll ever see.

Hank had grown tired of seeing his fellow architecture students present ideas with little concept of how the materials could or would actually work when and if they actually became more than just an idea in their head. Too often they became too enamored with an idea, not grasping the physical space they were working with and the limitations that space entailed. So from that, Hank’s idea was launched: a converted school bus with an emphasis on modular design, where function and flexibility were priority.

school bus conversionWith just 15 weeks to make his idea a reality, there was no time to spare. The search for his yellow bus began and soon he had found it. For $3000, he was able to find an adequate subject for his work on Craig’s List. After factoring in the cost of needed improvements and materials, Hank spent an additional six thousand dollars bringing his renovation project to life. With such little space to work with, Hank’s need to maximize his bus’ functional choices and ease of flexibility were paramount. Everything that could have multiple purposes or configurations had to so the rolling home would be as livable as possible.

converted bus

schoolbus RVHank’s bus is cleverly decided into four zones (bathroom, kitchen, sleeping, and seating) which themselves feature modular components of 28 inches so everything can be easily interchanged. Every window bay, the center aisle, everything. He also made sure that all counter tops, storage areas, insulation, electrical, etc. would not block any of the windows. This would make for a beautiful sight on sunny days, when Hank could sit inside and enjoy panoramic views of the outside world all around him. Of course, there are times when privacy is necessary so the bus is equipped with drop down privacy screens.

Every step was taken along the way to keep costs for Hank’s project down – after all, during its construction he was still just a student – and by this point he planned to take a trip in his thesis project upon its completion. Reclamation of materials that were no longer wanted by others were a God send. His floor was once a basketball court. One would have no idea that the beautiful, glossy walkway was at one time the site of many on court battles if not for the still present three point line sweeping across from one side of the bus to the other.

modified school bus

school bus plansAt completion, the school bus conversion is simply just overflowing with cool, useful design features. Lighting is provided by recessed LEDs which are dimmable should the mood strike the bus’ inhabitants. Its original two emergency hatches were thoughtfully converted into skylights, should one feel the need to feel the wind in their hair as they travel down the interstate on the way to the next destination. The sleeping areas are brimming with possibilities for their arrangement. You can have two twins with a walkway in between, three twins side by side by side, an elevated full next to a sunk twin – whatever works for you!

There is simply too many innovative features in Hank’s converted bus to show them all here or depict in just a handful of pictures. Thankfully, Hank has provided numerous pictures of the bus and all of its various arrangements and features on his website. Take a look by visiting his site!

conversion RV plans

modifying a school bus

living in a bus

school bus conversion

Source: Hank Butitta, Justin Evidon

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