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Dallas’ latest Nature District will turn an undeveloped flood plain into a vibrant riverfront park

Access to green space is imperative to a city resident’s survival; one only needs to venture to some corner of Central Park any day of the week to see the city’s inhabitants recharging amidst the grass, trees and ponds. That’s why Dallas’ latest project, turning the currently underdeveloped Trinity River Corridor into a full-fledged Nature District, is so important and monumental for the surrounding area’s inhabitants. dallas-trinity-river-park-6The park, designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, is set to be 10 times larger than Central Park, clocking in at over 10,000 acres of green space. The Trinity River cuts through the major metropolis though it’s currently isolated from the city; this plan aims to change that by transforming the surrounding flood plain into a vibrant, family-friendly and activity-filled nature park. Playgrounds, walking trails, bike paths and other public spaces are all set to open by October 2017, though a golf course, horse park and Audubon Center are already accessible. Plus, the build out will help protect the river from flooding— an extra environmental bonus. [] dallas-trinity-river-park-5 dallas-trinity-river-park-4 dallas-trinity-river-park-3 dallas-trinity-river-park-2 dallas-trinity-river-park-1

Japanese hostel chain Book & Bed has just made that other B&B obsolete.

The thing about charming little bed and breakfasts is that while the bed part may be charming (and is almost always little), we find the breakfast part to be awkward, too rich and way too early. Thankfully, the Japanese hostel chain Book & Bed have answered our b&b dreams. Here, guests get to literally sleep among books as the beds are built right into the bookshelves. Book & Bed may call itself an “accommodation bookshop” but we prefer to call it what it is: heaven on earth. bookstore-hostel-book-and-bed-tokyo-kyoto-2Book & Bed recently opened its second location in the heart of Kyoto (its first is in Tokyo, natch), offers semi-private overnight “rooms,” a plethora of books written in both Japanese and English and convenient access to popular local attractions like the Yasaka Shrine and Nanzenji Temple. The boutique hotel’s rates start around $40 a night which gets you a compact bed, shared bathroom and 24 hour access to the massive library. While the concept may not work for those travelers who prefer a bit more privacy, adventurous bibliophiles can rejoice. [] bookstore-hostel-book-and-bed-tokyo-kyoto-3 bookstore-hostel-book-and-bed-tokyo-kyoto-5 bookstore-hostel-book-and-bed-tokyo-kyoto-6 bookstore-hostel-book-and-bed-tokyo-kyoto-8 bookstore-hostel-book-and-bed-tokyo-kyoto-9 bookstore-hostel-book-and-bed-tokyo-kyoto-11

The magical Avatar world of Pandora is coming to life at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom next year

Disney fans, take note. The magical kingdom is expanding in 2017, this year with the debut of Pandora, an Avatar world complete with sacred river boat rides, bioluminescent rainforests, themed restaurants and a ride that takes guests over mountain tops. Disney Parks and Resorts Chair Bob Chapek says he believes the new attraction “promise(s) to set new high-watermarks for our experiential magic we give our guests.”3ad1f66d00000578-3978312-image-a-19_1480334811220Indeed, from the accompanying digital renderings of the finished park, Pandora is an enchanted wonderland full of spellbinding details and enrapturing stories sure to delight kids of all ages. The positive spirit of Pandora shaman, Na’vi, from the Avatar movie, pervades the attraction and meeting her represents the culmination of the guest’s experience in Pandora. Guests can also expect the usual Disney gifts, cultural items, games, toys, science sets and hands-on activities to purchase. [h/t] 3ad1f9eb00000578-3978312-image-a-42_1480335591580 3ad1f66500000578-3978312-image-a-30_1480335233060 3ad1f66900000578-3978312-image-a-38_14803353007593ad1f9e300000578-3978312-image-a-47_1480335792705