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This photographer’s Aurora borealis will be the most magical things you see all week

The Northern Lights is basically just Mother Nature showing off in a major way; the incandescent swirling bursts of color are a top bucket list site for citizens around the world for a reason. For those of us who cannot visit Finland to see this natural wonder in person, photographer Tiina Törmänens Lapland series is by far the next best thing.3-tiina-tormanen-finland-winter-min Törmänen grew up in Lapland, and while she currently lives in Helinski, she made the trek back to her hometown to capture the magical landscape of her youth. The winter wonderland snowscapes look straight out of Lord of the Rings with the twinkling lights, towering trees and massive ice mountains all set against the luminous Aurora borealis. Of course, those Northern Lights are the real stars of the showthe mystical lights swirling the sky with the most unreal cotton candy colored halos. Törmänens talent transports viewers to somewhere otherworldly and we cant wait to take the trip. [h/t]4-tiina-tormanen-finland-winter-min 15-tiina-tormanen-finland-winter-min 14-tiina-tormanen-finland-winter-min 13-tiina-tormanen-finland-winter-min 11-tiina-tormanen-finland-winter-min 10-tiina-tormanen-finland-winter-min 8-tiina-tormanen-finland-winter-min 7-tiina-tormanen-finland-winter-min 6-tiina-tormanen-finland-winter-min 5-tiina-tormanen-finland-winter-min

You have to see Gibbs Farm, New Zealand’s largest outdoor sculpture garden

There are so many opportunities to interact with art: museums, galleries, auctions, studios, classes are some of the more rarified ways to experience it. But one of the most dramatic — and fun — is the outdoor sculpture garden. It’s the interplay between nature and art that makes the medium so exciting— not to mention super affordable. Gibbs Farm in New Zealand is one such wonder.1serra_24Located about 29 miles north of Auckland, Gibbs Farm is a private outdoor art collection belonging to Alan Gibbs who is a wealthy New Zealand business man. Gibbs Farm is the largest sculpture garden in the entire country and is free and open to the public by appointment. 2serrfgeda_24

Gibbs bought all 990 acres back in 1991 and immediately began purchasing pieces for his outdoor art collection from a bevy of internationally acclaimed artists like Andy Goldsworthy, Richard Serra and Sol Lewitt. In fact, most of the artworks site specific, commissioned straight from Gibbs himself to seamlessly fit into the surrounding landscape.3gdgdfIn addition to the internationally renowned works of art, Gibbs also houses exotic animals like emus and giraffes and built an entire wild west town with a saloon built by Gibbs’ son-in-law, Noel Lane, who happens to be an architect. Lane and Gibbs’ daughter, Amanda, now manage the property full time. 4htWhile each installation is a singular creation, unique to its artist’s point of view, visitors can expect to see metal in many iterations carrying varying messages and themes. One of the most electrifying (literally!) is Electrum by Eric Orr. Thought to be the world’s tallest Tesla coil, Electrum produces crazy dramatic bolts of artificial lighting that can produce over 3 million volts of electricity.5jteyAnish Kapoor’s Dismemberment, Site 1, draws on a much more human theme, as has Kapoor called the stretched PVC piece “rather like a flayed skin.” The bright red color and rippled facade definitely lends itself to that title. Peter Roche’s Saddleblaze, while also bright red, is less flesh more flash. The light based piece is installed inside an eucalyptus grove so that it takes on a haunting feeling of a forest set on fire.6bhfgIn a way more whimsical vibe, you have Neil Dawson’s Horizons, an oversized steel sculpture that resembles a piece of corrugated iron perched briefly on top of a hill, accidentally blown there from a neighboring construction site and about to be off again at the slightest breeze. This playful piece is one of the only works you can see from the road which makes it a local favorite. 7kipaGibbs Farm is also home to Kaipara Strata, a much more naturalistic piece from Chris Booth— and was also the very first piece installed on the farm. Made from sandstone slabs and river boulders, the formation feels like an oversize Jenga puzzle, each slab precariously balanced atop one with similarly precarious stones sandwiched between. 8kpdxnmssources: Wikipedia, Twisted Sifter, Gibbs Farm

David Burdeny’s aerial photographs of salt flats are modern art, 100%

Photographer David Burdney’s project, SALT: Fields, Plottings and Extracts, features aerial images he’s taken of salterns from Utah, Mexico and Australia. The vivid flats are startlingly — and surprisingly — gorgeous, with violet, turquoise, fuchsia, magenta, cherry and white blocks blending together naturally (though they definitely look man made). burdeny-8 burdeny-7 burdeny-6 burdeny-5 burdeny-4 burdeny-2burdeny-1