Man Combines Facial Hair with Art & Way Too Much Free Time

James Myrick aka Spiral Beard aka May Need a Hobby shaves wild designs into his facial hair, documents it for us all to see it, then shaves it off and starts all over again. Among his many creations are the “Beard” beard, the Batman beard, and of course the famous spiral beard, which according to James is the first of its kind in the world (because it contains 3 loops unlike those lazy 2-loop beards).

While I’m unsure as to what kind of fact-checking James has done about his bearded feats, you have to admire the creativity. And though out of all the superheroes I’ve always been partial to Batman, you can’t dislike a man with beautiful X-Men facial hair either. Keep up with the latest happenings in the the world of James’ facial hair by following him on Tumblr.

“Beard” Beard

facial hair


spiral beard


James Myrick


beard designs

Spiral Beard

shaving designsshaving beards

@ symbol

loops in beard

Dollar Sign

James Myrick

Breaking Bad

facial hair designs

I Love U

shaving mustache

Source: James Myrick via Distractify

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