Yungas Death Road: World’s Most Dangerous Road

Though strikingly beautiful, this 61km (38 mile) Bolivian road has been the site where many motorists met their death. The Yungas Death Road as its called was named the world’s most dangerous road in 1995 by the Inter-American Development Bank. The unpaved, almost exclusive single-lane road is site to frequent road washouts. The extreme risk though has made it a destination for adventure seekers from around the globe. Drivers are not the only ones seeking a thrill however; at least 18 cyclists have died on the Yungas since 1998.

Local authorities finally addressed the issue in 2006 by building a somewhat safer bypass road, but the road of death remains a favorite to those drivers looking to take things to the limit. Don’t worry though, you’re free to take a ride for yourself and you don’t even need to update your will first. Go for a ride in the video at the end of the page (click here to jump).

Travelers navigate the narrow, dangerous Bolivian road

Yungas death roadImage Credit: wikipedia

The New Yungas Pass in background

world's most dangerous roadImage Credit: wikipedia

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