Rescued Baby Elephant Gives His Caretaker a Great Big Ole Hug

‘Moyo’ is a rescued baby elephant who lives in the Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery. Below, you’ll see the 8-month-old cutie give his caretaker Roxy Danckwerts and their baby warthog friend both a great big morning hug that is too cute for words.

Moyo’s path to the Nursery was not an easy one. He was rescued from the Musango area in February after being abandoned by his herd. It is believed that he was stranded after being unable to keep up with the herd, who have been under great pressure from poachers in the region.

When he was found, the young elephant weighed just 56kg (a normal elephant calf of his age should weigh 90-100kg). After a first few challenging weeks, Moyo’s fighting spirit took over and he’s been developing well ever since.

In the videos that follow, you’ll see his morning greeting for Roxy as well as his best pal, a baby warthog. Roxy has also made a short documentary entitled ‘Loving Moyo’ about the progress he has made. View both below.

rescued baby elephant

Moyo elephant

elephant calf

baby elephant hug

elephant video

via Laughing Squid, Roxy Danckwerts


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