Sean Lotman’s analog photographs of Japanese life bring soul to a digital world

We may be living in the digital age, but Sean Lotman has staked his success in the darkroom. The Kyoto-based photographer recently published his first book, Sunlanders, thats full of analog prints that capture real, fleeting life moments in Japan that are only enhanced by the anomalies found in the darkroom photos.sunlanders2Blurred movements, light spots, overexposure, color warps and other “imperfections” are sprinkled throughout the series, giving the photos a simultaneously realistic and otherworldly feel; a convenience store clerk is infused with a creepy aura from a simple overexposure while a woman posing for an outdoor portrait gets a ghostly halo because of a light spot. Lotman presents his photos without commentary or caption. Its up to you, the viewer, to interpret these densely layered images using your own references. [via:] sunlanders3

sunlanders5 sunlanders6 sunlanders7 sunlanders8 sunlanders9 sunlanders10