Star of The Hills’ Boyfriend Runs Over Cop’s Foot in Ferrari, Arrested

Stephanie Pratt, one of the “stars” of the MTV “reality” show The Hills of years past was in SoHo earlier today with her boyfriend, an apparent owner of a Ferrari 458. No idea what his occupation is, but it must be lucrative as these go for a cool $233,509. After his actions during the video, I’d say it’s a safe bet he’s not an open heart surgeon.

The video comes from NYC based automotive photographer Damian Mory. Being a car lover and since it’s a job and all, he began shooting after spying a cop writing a parking ticket for the Ferrari. While it’s unclear if the ticket was even deserved (Damian notes it was parked in a valet zone and the hotel’s valet had the keys), I’ll leave it up to you if the driver, the police, or both were more responsible for escalating the situation that follows. Pratt makes her first appearance around the 1:05 mark.