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LA traffic sucks but these billboards by the Billboard Creative make commutes a bit more tolerable

File this one under: why didn’t someone think of this sooner? The Billboard Creative is a non-profit group with a rotating roster of curators and artists helping to turn Los Angeles’ empty billboards into pieces of artwork. Not only does the project help emerging artists get incredible exposure, it also helps ease the pain the commuters face stuck in the city’s infamous traffic.

The most current installment is a group of 33 billboards with works all chosen by Mona Kuhn in a blind selection process, so she was unaware of the artist’s identity. She said she chose the works based on location; for areas with slow-moving traffic, she chose “sublime” works to “transport” those stopped, like Jack Pierson’s hot pink pyramid. For areas with quicker movement, she went with images that were strong and dramatic, like Kim McCarty’s strikingly simple portrait. [h/t mymodernmet.com]BillboardCreative1 BillboardCreative2 BillboardCreative3 BillboardCreative5 BillboardCreative6 BillboardCreative7 BillboardCreative8 BillboardCreative9 BillboardCreative10 BillboardCreative12